Amethyst Set 1
Optional Precious Price: Diamond Quality (H to G, SI to VS3 ): $6,972 USD - $7,268 U..
Amethyst Set 1 Bracelet
Silver, rhodium plated bracelet, inspired by tropical flowers. The colours are lively and vibrant, p..
Amethyst Set 1 Necklace
A fashionable rhodium plated necklace with a vibrate colour palette that beautifully combines a trop..
Amethyst Set 1 Ring
This rhodium plated ring is a seasons must have, with the full of life colours and wild silhouette. ..
Amethyst Set 2
Optional Precious Price: Diamond Quality (H to G, SI to VS3 ): $39,899 USD - $4..
Amethyst Set 2 Bracelet
Simple, classic and bursting with colour this rhodium plated bangle is suitable for anyone and any o..
Amethyst Set 2 Earrings
These long rhodium plated earrings delicately brush the tips of the shoulders and will sparkle in th..
Amethyst Set 2 Necklace
A necklace fit for a royal ball. Individual diamond stones all in a rhodium plated setting form the ..
Amethyst Set 2 Ring
Unique and a perfect gift for those with an eclectic taste. A rhodium plated structure includes tria..
Amethyst Set 3
Optional Precious Price:  Diamond Quality (H to G,  SI to VS3): $14,954USD ..
Amethyst Set 3 Bracelet
This silver, rhodium plated bracelet has a wonderful open silhouette and is trendy and perfect for a..
Amethyst Set 3 Earrings
Beautiful pair of silver, rhodium plated earrings, with a suspending Amethyst stone outlined with Di..
Amethyst Set 3 Necklace
Double chained magnificent necklace with suspending Amethyst and Diamonds provide an extra glamorous..
Amethyst Set 3 Ring
Dazzling ring, rhodium plated, combining beautiful purple Amethyst stones and Diamonds. Rows of diam..
Amethyst Set 4
Optional Precious Price: Diamond Quality (H to G,  SI to VS3 ): $12,987 USD - $..