Ruby Set 2 Ring
A fine silver band, with unique detailing, this ring is a really eye catcher. The charming Ruby..
Ruby Set 3 Ring (Exclusive to Precious)
This ring beautifully combines a Garnet with flawless diamond stones, adding a fresh feel to any out..
Ruby Set 4 Ring
This rhodium plated ring features lavish red Rubies framed by intricate diamonds. Combine this ring ..
Ruby Set 5 Ring
Retro, vibrant and playful this silver ring features, a textured front with a large clawed set Ruby ..
Ruby Set 6 Ring  (EXC. TO PRECIOUS)
With beauty in mind, this ring features clear round pear and marquise shaped diamonds that surround ..
Ruby Set 7 Ring
This dazzling silver, rhodium plated ring shimmers in crisp red tones.The perfect accompaniment with..
Ruby Set 8 Ring (Exclusive to Precious)
This unique ring presents an ethnic motif in a glamorous design. The classic and feminine silhouette..
Ruby Set 9 Ring (Exclusive to Precious)
This ring features a round Ruby framed by round brilliant diamonds to create an exquisite cluster. C..
Sapphire Set 1 Ring
The perfect gift for any occasion, this fine silver ring is comfortable to wear without lacking in s..
Sapphire Set 2 Ring
A ring which represents, 'the circle of life', definitely makes a statement. The annular centre..
Sapphire Set 3 Ring
This modern style ring is rhodium plated with an accumulation of contrasting Sapphires and diamonds...
Sapphire Set 4 Ring (Sterling silver)
Inspired by warm colours, this ring is the perfect stunning piece. Rhodium plated the ring has a mix..
Sapphire Set 5 Ring
Sparkling amazing yellow tones. This silver rhodium plated design is perfect for the lavish yellow S..
Sapphire Set 6 Ring (Exclusive to Precious)
This 18k white gold abstract ring design with lavish blue Sapphire stones and luxurious diamonds add..
Similar in style to the engagement ring given to the Duchess of Cambridge, this exceptional blue sap..