Amethyst Set 4 Bracelet
Rhodium plated bracelet designed with a spectacular finish. The purple amethyst and aquamarine stone..
Amethyst Set 4 Earrings
A chain-pendant earring with a fresh and beautiful feminine design made for those with a glamourous ..
Amethyst Set 4 Necklace
Inspired by the lost city of Atlantis, in a rhodium plated pendant, this necklace has an impressive ..
Amethyst Set 4 Ring
Rhodium plated, a 3 in 1 ring is a perfect combination of vibrant colours that resembles the waves o..
Amethyst Set 5
Optional Precious Price: Diamond Quality (H to G, SI to VS3 ): $11,559 USD - $1..
Amethyst Set 5 Bracelet
Add a touch of sparkle to your wrist with this rhodium plated bracelet, featuring clear paved diamon..
Amethyst Set 5 Earrings
Stunning and elegant, this pair of rhodium plated earrings add a feminine sparkle that highlights&nb..
Amethyst Set 5 Necklace
A fashionable and feminine style, this rhodium plated necklace has sparkling clear diamonds and bold..
Amethyst Set 5 Ring
This Amethyst and emerald, rhodium plated ring has clear diamonds paved for a refined look. The vibr..
Precious Price:  Diamond Quality (Color: H to G, Clarity: VS): $34,187 USD ..
Amethyst Set 6 Bracelet (Exc. to Prec.)
A delicate design with a fresh vintage appeal. This bracelet is inspired by the lavender flower, pre..
Amethyst Set 6 Earrings (Exc. to Prec.)
This stunning design is inspired by the natural lavender flower. The beautiful Amethyst stones ..
Amethyst Set 6 Necklace (Exc. to Prec.)
A classic design with a fresh vintage appeal. This romantic necklace presents a stunning silhouette ..
Amethyst Set 6 Ring (Exc. to Prec.)
Feminine and elegant, this ring is perfect for a special occasion. The centre piece Amethyst is surr..
Method of making: Hand fabrication (handmade) custom designed Diamond Quality: Color: G, Cla..