100% Customer Satisfaction

D2UK Jewellery and Watches is aiming to set the bar of excellence in quality. We are striving to exceed customer satisfaction. Our passion is to uphold this.

Every D2UK Jewellery piece has its own story. This begins with each beautiful gemstone and their extraordinary natural design. Then followed by hours of skilled craftsmanship to bring out the full beauty of the jewel. We have carefully examined every necklace, bracelet, earring, ring and watch so we can meet our discriminating standards to provide you with the best Jewellery experience.


Each perfectly crafted D2UK jewellery piece should be handled delicately, and can be regularly cleaned and serviced within one year after purchase, to ensure that your jewellery piece is kept as magnificent to when it was bought.

Never allow gemstones or jewellery pieces to come into contact with gemstones of equal or greater hardness as it could cause harm to your jewellery. Also, please ensure perfume is not sprayed directly to the jewellery to keep the shine and luster of the jewellery piece.

Each jewellery piece should be stored individually in its packaging received when purchased.

For additional inquiries, please contact us at +852 23122100 or send us an email on info@d2ukjewellery.com